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FREE amazing reading game!!


Do your kids love reading? Do they maybe just need a way to review what they’ve learned at school? Or maybe you just want to help them learn to read? I recently learned of a program through Usborne Books that you can get for your child completely free (the computer version) an all online. My five year old has been trying to learn how to read. She starts school in the fall and I know she’ll learn in school, but why not get a jump on it? She already knew all her letter sounds and some basic blends. She also had started sounding out simple words like dog, cat, etc., and I know that she learns very quickly by either playing a learning game or watching an educational show. So when I learned about this program I jumped at the chance!

tymtr1.jpgThis game called Teach Your Monster to Read has three levels. The first level covers the basic steps, letter sounds, basic blends, etc. Then you move up from there. (Each level is explained in more depth on the website) My daughter started at level one because I wasn’t sure if level two was too advanced for where she already was or not. She flew through level one and is currently working on level two. I was shocked that she could read simple sentences and was learning tricky words like “the” and “to” as well as others after only 1 week! She loves it, and begs me to play. First, your child creates his/her own monster, then they begin to embark on an adventure to help repair an alien spaceship. As they play different games they learn new words, new sounds, new blends, new tricky words, and I noticed as she plays level two she stops every so often to read a sentence that directs her to do something. For example, one of the sentences was “Get the big cat.” She then had to click on the big cat to direct her monster what he was supposed to do. I was so impressed with this game and the progress that my daughter made I wanted to share with other parents out there! It’s perfect for early learners or just for summer review for the more advanced readers. The computer version is completely free, but if you want the app for your phone or tablet that costs money. I looked on my Kindle at it, and I believe it was $4.99, but I decided to just let my daughter play it on my laptop. You should definitely check it out!

If you want to try it out, go to www.teachyourmonstertoread.com, and register your child today!