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New Year, New Decade!

Last year I started doing a word of the year, and my word was prayer. This year I’ve decided to do the same thing, and I finally decided that my word will be intentional. I want to strive to be more intentional in every aspect of my life this year, in my Bible study, with my kids, with my time, and life in general. I’ve also decided to read through the Bible in a year again as well as strive to memorize more Scripture. I pray that I’m able to keep up with these goals and as the year moves forward become more intentional in all I do. I pray that you accomplish your goals and aspirations this year.

I don’t know if you set a reading goal for yourself or not, but if not, maybe you should consider doing so. I didn’t until I discovered the yearly reading challenge through Goodreads. Last year I lowered my goal since the year before I totally missed the unrealistic goal I had set for myself. So I set the bar at 30 books, and exceeded my goal by 6 books. This year I upped it a bit to 40 books. I love to use the Goodreads challenge because it shows me my progress as I mark books as read throughout the year. I’m not going to lie so far, I have about 4 books to read by mid-February and I find myself too tired from the holidays and cleaning up from them that I haven’t gotten back into the swing of reading. Hopefully now that most of my decorations are down and the clutter is slowly getting under control I’ll be back into it more and I’ll be able to post some more awesome reviews! Here’s a peek into what’s currently in the TBR pile for the beginning of the year!