Usborne Reference Books are Amazing!!

ref booksIf you have never heard of Usborne Books, let me just say, they are amazing children’s books! I loved them so much I joined as a consultant (mainly to get the discount for books for my kids), especially now that we’re homeschooling! Today I wanted to show you some of my favorites! While I absolutely love our picture books and story books, and they are all beautifully illustrated, the reference books are still probably my top favorite! My oldest (who is 8) actually requested the Children’s Encyclopedia when I had my very first party, which then sparked an Usborne addiction lol! Since then, I’ve added several other reference books to our library, and I thought I could share a little peek inside of the ones I have!!

First up our Children’s Encyclopedia! This one has internet links/QR codes that you can scan or go to, to learn even more than what’s on the pages!! It’s packed full of all sorts of info, on all sorts of topics!!

Next up we have our Illustrated Dictionary! Wow was I impressed with this one! I knew it would obviously have pictures of the words being defined, but this went way beyond what I ever dreamed. There are some entries, such as the motorcycle (pictured below), that actually label all the parts of the picture! This is fantastic, and I know my daughter will be using this a lot in school this year!

The newest addition to our library is our Not Your Everyday Thesaurus. I’ll admit, it also was not what I was expecting, I thought it would be similar to the Illustrated Dictionary, but instead of having lists of words like your typical Thesaurus, this puts them into categories. That was one downside, but it still is chock full of words, and pictures, and writing tips. While I’ll probably still have to have a regular old thesaurus so she can learn how to use it alphabetically, this one is still a great investment!!

Finally, we have our Animals reference book. I knew my daughter would be studying and doing a project about different types of animals and their classifications. This book did not disappoint, it is also internet linked, and has beautiful pictures, and talks about the different environments that different animals live.

If you are interested at all in these books or just to check out any other books we have, please feel free to check them out at No pressure, but I love sharing these books with people!!

Little Words Matter Jumbo Coloring Book–Review

Back Cover Copy

Little words matter, and so do little artists! Your toddler will love these simple coloring pages filled with animal friends, alphabet blessings, and reminders that Jesus loves them! With almost 400 pages of fun, the Little Words Matter Jumbo Coloring Book is sure to be a big favorite for your littlest loves.

My Review

This coloring book is adorable! I can’t wait to give it to my toddler for Easter. He is just now starting to show an interest in coloring with his older sisters instead of simply eating the crayons! This will be perfect for him because they are big illustrations to color for little hands, and I love that they can also be educational. Now my little guy is not quite 2 so he’s just going to scribble in it, but I think it is a perfect coloring book from 2 to 4-year-olds. I definitely recommend this coloring book for the little ones!

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Way of the Savior by Jeff and Abby Land–Book Review

Back Cover Copy

Amid the hustle and bustle of springtime chores and storefront bunnies, focusing your children on the true meaning of Easter can be a challenge. But this forty-day devotional brings the family together and shows them the way to the Savior instead.

As a follow-up to the successful Christmas title The Way to the Manger, Jeff and Abbey Land now guide families as they explore and celebrate eight aspects of Lent, the season leading up to Easter: Forgiveness, Hope, Trust, Thanksgiving, Love, Commitment, Obedience, and Jesus’ Last Days.

Filled with discussion questions, easy family activities, and prayers, this collection of devotions can become a family keepsake, bringing your family together to celebrate the Easter season and the way to the Savior year after year.

About the Author

My Review

We have been enjoying this family devotional. It is a 40-day devotional for you to use as a family devotional during the season of Lent leading up to Easter. I love how at the end of each short devotional there is a sample prayer that ties in with the lesson, and a “Cross Connection” section. This section has questions that help make sure your children (or even you, yourself) were paying attention, as well as spark conversation about what you just read as a family. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and they won’t disappoint. I wish we had gotten this book on time to start at the beginning of the 40 days to finish on Easter, but we’ll be a bit behind, but that’s ok, we’ll still finish! My kids span in age from 18 months to 8 so this book is perfect because the reading section is not too long that I lose my 18-month-old before we even get to the discussion part but also still perfect for my older 2 to get something from it! I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a great devotional to do with your family for Lent. You could even grab a copy as an Easter gift that you can do for next Easter season! Or start it after Easter, just because Easter is past doesn’t mean you can’t go back through the story!

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**I received this book from the publisher for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Promises of God Storybook Bible by Jennifer Lyell–Book Review

Back Cover Copy

God’s love is unstoppable. And that’s a promise.

Noah’s ark. Joseph’s dreams. Jesus’s miracles. The Bible is rich with stories for our children to hear and enjoy, but when those stories uncover the thread of God’s promises, our children learn much more than individual Bible stories. They discover how God has demonstrated His love for us, from the first promise in the garden to the promise of the new heavens and earth.

A conversational, whimsical, biblically faithful retelling of more than fifty key Bible stories, The Promises of God Storybook Bible lets your child hear favorite stories with new ears, repeatedly assuring them that each word is proof of God’s unstoppable love and unbreakable promises to His people.

My Review

Perfect for family devotions with the kids. I love how even though a lot of the stories are familiar ones, they are told in a way that is easy for the kids to understand, and they point out a specific promise of God. I’m also loving the questions at the end of each story. The questions help me know that first of all my kids are paying attention, and second that they are grasping what we’re talking about each night. The illustrations are simply beautiful! I highly recommend this one!!

**I received this book from BH Publishers for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Scarlett’s Spectacles by Janet Surette–Book Review

Back Cover Copy

Which pair will you wear?

In a world where every person faces a daily choice between two pairs of glasses, young Scarlett grumbles through her days, seeing only the dreary aspects of life through her “grumbly glasses.” Tired of how Scarlett’s spectacles keep her daughter from seeing all the good around her, Scarlett’s mother encourages her to try “glad glasses” instead. Even though the change is difficult at first, Scarlett soon realizes that “glad glasses” make for happy days and that choosing to see with gratitude is possible because God always brings some kind of good from the circumstances in our lives.

This colorful and spunky board book is a great resource for tackling grumbly attitudes and encouraging more grateful hearts among children. And like Scarlett, after seeing life through “glad glasses,” readers may just chuck those grumbly glasses away for good! 

My Review

This book was perfect for my kids! First the main character has the same name as my oldest daughter, and then because the lesson learned in this book is something my kids need to work on, as I’m sure yours do too! In this book Scarlett has a tendency to grumble and complain about everything. She whines and pouts, but then her mom tells here that everybody has 2 pairs of glasses, a glad pair and a grumbly pair, and it’s up to us which ones we put on each day. So one day Scarlett tried this theory out, and put on her glad glasses, and saw it was much better to see the positive side of things. You will love the lesson it teaches to be thankful in everything, and your kids will love the amazing illustrations and the rhyming story. It’s super cute, and I highly recommend it!!

**I received this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Easter is Coming–Book Review

Back Cover Copy

Mommy and her little ones are settling in for story time, and this time it’s the biblical story of Easter that she’s telling. As the youngsters hear God’s tale unfold with its sometimes somber notes about sin and death, they are softly and continually reminded, “But Easter is coming!” By the end of the book, the anticipation has built and the children can celebrate the ending and the glory of Easter Sunday.
In a time when children’s Easter excitement often focuses on only egg hunts and candy, this book offers a different—and true—reason for joy and expectancy. It’s designed to be read and reread on the days leading up to Easter, telling the greatest story and building a sense of anticipation and celebration in little hearts.

My Review

Each page of the book is beautifully illustrated. Your kids are sure to love this book. It builds anticipation as page after page you get closer and closer to that first Easter, and what it really is about. I can’t wait to share this book with my children. I plan on giving it to them for Easter, but I know they are going to love it, and will be a favorite!

**I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Jelly Bean Blessings by Thomas Nelson–Book Review

Book Description

Jelly Bean Blessings is a cheery seasonal board book that celebrates all springtime blessings! Kids will be drawn to the charming cover and whimsical art, and they’ll love the idea of exploring the many reasons we love spring.

From picking flowers to jumping in puddles to eating delicious jelly beans, these activities are a fun way to thank God for the beautiful parts of the season that we get to enjoy together!

With charming art and an adorable cover, Jelly Bean Blessings is the perfect way to celebrate all the wonderful blessings of spring.

My Review

Beautifully illustrated, this book will make your kids super excited for spring to arrive! And if you’re from the North, or anyplace that has had a lot of snow and cold recently, you too may be ready for Spring…I know I am! From eating Jelly Beans, to flying kites, and jumping in puddles, these are just some of the many activities found in this book. This book will get you and your children in the mood for Spring, and have you ready to spring into Spring!

**I received this book free from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner–Book Review

As a parent you pray for your children constantly. This book puts perfectly just how parents pray for their children, and in just the perfect way for children to understand and enjoy! My girls truly loved this book as I read it to them! Plus the illustrations are absolutely beautiful! I know you and your children are going to love it too!

**I received a free copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

God Bless You and Good Night by Hannah Hall–Book Review

Book Description

God Bless You and Good Night is now available as a touch-and-feel book! This beloved bedtime classic has touched more than 315,000 families, and this touch-and-feel edition offers even more fun as little ones prepare for bed.

Bedtime can be a precious time of connection for you and your little one. Enjoy those snuggly moments together as you read this classic bedtime book while exploring all the fun touch-and-feel elements, from the polar bear’s soft fur to the elephant’s leathery skin to the silky grass of the African grasslands.

In God Bless You and Good Night Touch and Feel, sleepy little ones are reminded of God’s blessings and how much they are loved. The delightful rhyming story takes readers through several scenes of snuggly animals who are getting ready for bed from putting on pj’s, brushing teeth, and saying good-night prayers. Now with added touch-and-feel elements, children can engage with the story even more. God Bless You and Good Night Touch and Feel will be a favorite part of the bedtime ritual for parents and children.

Whether for a baby shower or birthday, or as a heart-melting way to surprise the grandparents-to-be, God Bless You and Good Night Touch and Feel is the perfect touch for any celebration.

My Review

I simply loved this board book! It will be perfect for my baby for Christmas! I know he’ll love to feel the different touch and feel parts of the book, especially as he grows older! The illustrations were beautiful and perfect for children, and the rhyme will keep your younger kids engaged. Plus, I love books specifically for bedtime, and so do my kids. This would be perfect for Christmas for the little ones in your life! We have one or two of the other God Bless books, and I love each one I’ve read, they won’t disappoint!

**I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Who Sang the First Song? by Ellie Holcomb–Book Review


Get yours today! Perfect for Christmas!

Kids discover who sang the first song. This book guides them through who sang the first song, was it the sun? or maybe it was the whales? or the waves? by the end children will discover that while those are good guesses, it was God who sang the first song! His creation is to make a joyful noise to Him!

Again I got this book for a Christmas present, but I know my kids are going to love it! The illustrations were absolutely beautiful! I loved the message of the book, and I loved the different places the kids can interact, like when the lion says ROAR! or the thunder goes BOOM! This book is perfect for little kids! I can’t wait to read it to them! Highly recommend this one! Go grab yours today!

**I received this book free for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.