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The Truth About Romantic Comedies by Sean McMurray–Book Review

Book Blurb:

Sixteen-year-old Timothy Gephart’s life is a chronicle of loser-hood. Trapped by the decaying walls of his family’s trailer and saddled with the responsibility of caring for a grandmother stricken with a wicked combination of Alzheimer’s and cancer, Timothy isn’t exactly thriving in the teenage chapter of his life. To make matters worse, his girlfriend inexplicably dumps him through a text message. Heartbroken, Tim drives his grandmother to and from her radiation treatments as if the last page of his life has already been written. And then the enigmatic Rachel Wilson struts into the cancer center’s waiting room.

Self-proclaimed social scientist Rachel Wilson hasn’t reconciled herself to her mother’s cancer, but she’s doing her best to stay positive…and distracted. With his dry wit and easy acceptance of her bright blue hair, Timothy might be the answer to a prayer Rachel hasn’t had the strength to ask.

As a fast friendship blossoms into something more, Timothy and Rachel learn that Rachel’s father’s job will soon take her family to a new life across the country. Knowing that their time together is running out, Timothy and Rachel go all in on an experiment that will put every romantic comedy cliche to the test, to say nothing of the foundation on which their relationship was built. Happily-ever-after has never been so hard.

My Review

This is an amazing book! It’s from a different perspective than I’m used to, as typically it seems like these books are from the girl’s perspective and this one is from the boy’s perspective, and I genuinely loved it! I felt like the characters were very relatable even though they have their own quirks. I found myself ending each chapter wondering what was going to happen next, will Rachel’s mom beat cancer? how will their relationship end? and how will their novel end? All these questions kept me reading and reading until the book was finished, and I got all my answers. I highly recommend you read this one, and I truly believe your teens and young adults will love this book!

**I received a copy of this book for free. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Sean C. McMurray grew up on the mean rural roads of southwestern Ohio where he honed his storytelling skills on anyone willing to listen. Now he does it professionally as an author and history teacher. Sean still lives in rural Ohio with the love of his life and his favorite audience, their three little children.