Pleasing God rather than others


Today I just wanted to share with you something I learned in my devotions. I’m currently reading Daughters of Grace by Kristin Schmucker of the Daily Grace Co. I’m loving it, as I am learning about women in the Bible who were just like us, they had their faults, yet God used them in many different ways.

Today I learned about some women I don’t believe I’ve ever heard about (or if I have it’s been a while). We find a group of women in Exodus 1, the Hebrew Midwives. These women were told by Pharaoh to kill any baby boys born to the Jewish women. Instead of listening to Pharaoh, these women obeyed God and chose to save all the baby boys. God rewarded these women for their trust in Him and gave them families of their own. Because of their bravery they helped save the nation. I want to be a woman who would rather please God than others.

This really spoke to me, especially since it’s not a story you hear often. It challenged me, because sometimes I worry too much about pleasing others and wanting others to like me. I should be more concerned about pleasing God, He’s who really matters! I know I’m probably not the only one out there as a Christian woman, who finds herself longing to please others, or just wanting to be liked by everyone. I hope this story touches you as much as it touched me. Go read it for yourself.

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