Goodnight Manger by Lauri Sassi–Book Review

Since Christmas is fast approaching, here’s a book your kids are sure to enjoy! Grab your copy today!


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Lights in a Dark World

_240_360_Book.1731.coverThe most important part of Christmas is not toys or Santa Clause, but the birth of our Savior. This book takes Christmas story and brings it to life in a new way. It brings out things you might not think of such as all the noises of the stable keeping the little baby Jesus awake at night.

I really enjoyed this book. I know my children will love it when I read it to them at Christmas time. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful. The one thing I didn’t like about it was how it included the wise men at the stable with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, when they didn’t come until Jesus was a little older and they were living in a house in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:11). Overall, it’s a great book for your kids that tells the most important story of all!

**I received this book free from…

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