Love Unending: Rediscovering Your Marriage in the Midst of Motherhood by Becky Thompson–Book Review

love-unendingAs mothers, it’s hard to remember who you were before kids came onto the scene. We’re tired, we’ve been running around all day after the kids, we’ve been breaking up fights, and sadly sometimes we see our husbands coming home from work and we just think, “yes, reinforcements!” In these moments we need to remember our husbands, we were a wife before we became mommy to those amazing little children, and we are still wives even though “Mommy” has become our newest title. It is tiring, but we need to find time for our husbands, to really remember what it was like before kids.

This book was such an encouragement to me. It’s a 21 day challenge that helps you re-examine your marriage, and rekindle what might have been lost. I know I learned a lot, and while there were some days where I was like, you know I kind of have that one under control, I’m not perfect, but I know something changed when I became a mom. I did not want to take my husband for granted, or make him feel like second fiddle now that we have kids, I want him to still feel as loved and important as he did the day we got married. This book is just awesome and really challenged me to really be intentional with my husband. Each day has a different challenge for you to take, and there are spaces for you to take notes of your progress. It was very easy to follow and full of great information. So if you want to revive your marriage, and let your husband know that you still love him just as much as you did back then and show him that, go preorder this book. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

**I received this advanced copy free from the publisher for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you haven’t already, check out Becky Thompson’s blog, and her other book Hope Unfolding (check out my review here).

Click here to grab your copy!

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