Aldi has new Baby products, and they are awesome!!

We’ve only had an Aldi in our little small town for a little while, and I am totally in love with it! Aldi save me soooo much money each week, and I am so overwhelmingly grateful for it. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, do so as soon as possible! Well, as if I wasn’t already in love with them enough, they decided to come out with their own baby line. I wanted to try it out, because let’s face it, diapers and wipes can really add up! Up until the last two weeks when their line came out, I’d been using Huggies because they were the LittleJourney-DiaperIllustration_Desktoponly diapers my child could wear without any problems. I used Luvs occasionally, but I found that for whatever reason, they just stopped fitting my little girl right and somehow would leak out of them. Anyway, when I saw that Aldi’s new diapers were just $12.49 for 96 size 3 diapers compared to the $24.99 for 120 Huggies diapers at Walmart, I decided to give them a try, because that’s half price for just a few less diapers! I am thrilled to report that after 2 straight weeks of using them, I have had no problems with rashes, no leaks, nothing. Mommies out there, you have to try these diapers out! If they work as well as they did for my daughter, it will save you a ton of money!!

ljwipesAfter trying the diapers, I decided to try the wipes. Now when it comes to wipes, I can be a bit of a “brand snob,” but I wanted to give them a try. I want to say that I paid around $3.50 for 3 packs of wipes, but don’t quote me because I lost my receipt and can’t verify. So let’s just suffice it to say it was a good deal! Again, I’m very happy to say they worked wonderfully and no bad reactions from the baby either!

There are plenty of other new items in Aldi’s new baby line such as baby food, snacks, formula, etc. Check out Aldi’s new line today and try them out! For more information on the rest of the new baby line check out Aldi’s website by clicking here.


**This review is my own thoughts and opinions. Be sure to check the line out for yourself to rate them yourself!



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