Do you want a new way to study your Bible? Check this out!!

I recently finished a Bible study that was different than any other I’ve ever done, and I wanted to share it with you! I received a free download of Journal and Doodle Through the Bible–Ephesians when I signed up for the newsletter over at Stone Soup for Five. She has several other Bible studies like this one available to buy. They are very affordable, and wonderful ways to dig in deeper to God’s Word. I loved this study because it helped me to get a lot more out of my devotions. It gives you ideas to help you journal your thoughts about the passage you are studying. I am a more hands on person, so keeping a journal of what I’ve been studying in my devotions helps me to concentrate, as well as remember key things I may not otherwise have remembered. Plus, I can go back to my notes later on and review the things I didn’t want to forget. However, normally I just use bullet points or the SOAP method to journal, which while not a bad way to journal, I don’t always get as much that way. When I started thinking outside of the box, and doodling and listing things out from the verses and how they apply to my life, it made me think harder on these truths, that normally I may have read and noted and gone on. In short it gave me more depth to my Bible study.

You can still get a free Bible study when you sign up for her newsletter (I also really enjoy her newsletters!). I highly recommend doing it if you are the least bit curious! It’s awesome, and if you are like me, you’ll be hooked! I plan on trying to doodle my way through my Bible from now on!


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