The new Pampers Cruisers–Review

20150906_084423 I recently had the privilege to try out the newly designed Pampers Cruisers for my second daughter. I love Pampers and these new diapers are designed in such a way that they’re supposed to eliminate the “sag” that happens when the diaper is full, you know that droopy diaper we’ve all come to know as moms. I was very pleased to see that it actually works, when my daughters diaper was ready to be changed, sure enough no sagging.

While I love Pampers and would love to use them full time for my daughter, I just can’t afford it. I used them when she was first born because I received them as gifts, but when they ran out, I switched. Even with coupons and sales, it’s still cheaper for me to buy Luvs. If Pampers were more affordable I would switch back in a heartbeat because they have an amazing product, and I highly recommend these diapers or any of their other diapers to moms everywhere!

Special thanks to Influenster for sending me this free trial in my VoxBox.

For more information on the new Pampers Cruisers check out the video below:



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