Sundays day of rest or day of stress?

church-clip-art-150847I wish our Sundays could be more restful. You know, it is supposed to be a day of rest. However, with two little ones it often seems to be a day of stress in our house. Now I’m not in any way justifying this, because I really do want them to be a smooth day with lots of rest. I somehow think that our family is not the only family that goes through this. So here’s how our day goes.

I try try try to pick out clothes for us the night before. Ok, for me and the girls, my husband picks his out in the morning. Notice I said try, rarely does this actually happen. I do at least try to have an idea in my head of what I want us to wear, then set my alarm and go to bed (probably later than I should because I am relishing in the quietness after I finally get both kids in bed). I get to wake up at least once to feed the baby through the night, and inevitably she wakes up about 5-10 minutes before my alarm goes off. So it’s now Sunday morning, I fight to get the baby to maybe sleep so I can get a bath alone. I fail most times, and I end up getting a bath while my 8 month old plays on the floor or whines until I get out. I get dressed, get my 3-year-old up, attempt to wake my husband up, and then look at the clock. Here recently we don’t have time to eat so we have to grab something on the way. Finally when we’re all ready (after packing the diaper bag for the day because we won’t be coming back home until late at night), I look at the clock and we’re late, REALLY late! We have an hour drive to church, and I think to myself it’s ok, maybe we’ll only be like 5 minutes late. Sometimes, unfortunately we’re so late we miss Sunday School and only make it to church. After church we relax a bit by grabbing some lunch and heading to the farm to visit with my in-laws. There’s where the resting takes place. We get to hang out with Mema and Pappy and play with the toys, and see the horses, have pizza, really enjoy some family time. Then I look at the clock and it’s 5:20, in order to be on time to church Sunday night we have to leave at 5:30. Simple, just have to put the girls back in their church clothes and leave…simple right? So now I’m stressed out about being late again. After all is said and done, we haven’t been making it back to church Sunday night the past few weeks, try as we might.

I’m sure some of you reading this have had your own versions of Sundays like this, and I know that as my girls get older and can do more for themselves, it will get easier. In the meantime, this momma needs to find a better way to be ready for Sunday. So how do I plan to do that you may ask….I don’t have many ideas, but here’s what I’d like to try:

1. I NEED to get up earlier and be sure to read my Bible and pray before the kids get up. This helps me other days, so why would I not do this Sunday morning.

2. I need to keep the habit of getting our clothes ready the night before, because on the off chance I have done it in the past, it has helped me tremendously!

3. I need to go to bed at a decent time Saturday night so I can get up earlier.

I feel like if I can do these three things, it would relieve a lot of stress, maybe not all of it but a start. I hope that by being transparent with you will help some of you know you’re not alone in this. I believe that if we really try and ask God to help us we can have less stress. That way we’re not stressed and distracted before we even get to church. Besides, I believe the devil will use anything and everything to keep us out of church, including throwing every slow driver in front of you and dirty diaper right before you walk out the door. Don’t give up, be faithful and diligent and God will bless you!


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