Against All Odds: My Story by Chuck Norris–Book Review

chuck norrisI think it’s safe to say that most people in America know who Chuck Norris is. Not only is he a great actor and karate champion, but he’s also a Christian man. A good Christian man in Hollywood is hard to find nowadays. After you read this book, I think you will be encouraged by his testimony.

I am always fascinated when I learn of the stand Christian actors take for their faith, and am encouraged to see them making a difference by making wholesome entertainment. I loved reading Chuck Norris’s story because it gave me a glimpse into who he is. I mean I always knew he was great at karate, and I knew who Walker was, but to read his story about his life, I learned a lot. For instance, I did not know he was involved with the Bush campaigns, nor that he was great friends with them. I love that he did not shy away from telling about past mistakes. He talks about them, and how God brought good from them and gave God glory. He also talks about how there were times he fell away from the Lord, but always points out that He came back.It was very interesting to read about how he got started in karate, and pressed on to become an actor, despite negative feedback. I highly recommend this book. I guarantee you will love it, it truly is an interesting read!

**I received this book from B&H Publishing free for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thought and opinions are my own.


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