Striving to be the Best Help Meet–Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Modesty is important not just for wives and mothers, but for every woman and girl. We should not want to show off our bodies for everyone to see. I want to strive to teach my girls how to dress modestly and act modestly. Yes I said act. You can be dress in the most modest dress you have, it hits your knees, it covers your cleavage, etc, but if you sit with your legs sprawled or do high kicks in that dress everybody is going to see what’s under your dress (if you catch my drift?). Everybody has different convictions when it comes to modesty. Some people believe that you should only wear skirts and dresses, while others believe you can be modest and wear pants. I personally do wear pants, however as with everything you have to be careful with even pants. I don’t think you should wear pants that cling so tightly to your body that it leaves nothing to the imagination! Basically what I’m trying to say is, while we all have our convictions about what we wear, remember God does want us to dress modestly as to not cause our Christian brothers to sin. Remember that as you try on clothes on your next shopping trip. Yes it goes both ways, men should not gulk at women who are dressed that way, they should turn their heads, but as Christian women who know better we should want to help our fellow brothers in Christ so that we don’t cause them to sin. Besides, your husband probably doesn’t like it when you dress in such a way that other men are looking at everything you have. Save that for him. If you’re not sure about what is modest or not, pray over it, God will show you whether or not He’s pleased with it.

On a side note, I believe that nowadays there is more of a need to teach boys modesty as well. The clothes that are coming into style now are just as immodest for boys as it is for girls. For instance, the boys that wear skin tight skinny jeans to me is just as bad as a girl who is wearing skin tight clothing with her cleavage hanging out. So we have a responsibility to not only dress modestly ourselves and teach our girls modesty, but also to teach our little boys how to dress modestly and how to avert their eyes when they see an immodestly dressed girl/woman.

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