Striving to be the Best Help Meet–Chapter 17

Chapter 17

This chapter Mrs. Pearl dedicates to training our children. A virtuous woman trains up her children in the way they should go. I love the way she describes training our children. She says that “training up a child means showing them how to cook ride a bike, demonstrate respect for others, etc.” In other words, training our children is not just teaching them reading, writing, arithmetic, and the basics of life, it’s teaching them how to cook, clean, etc.

Another aspect of being a great wife/mother to your children is learning about the best health options for your family. For example, research whether or not you’re going to vaccinate, and if so are you going to do the delayed vaccination schedule, will you skip certain vaccinations? Some people choose to go a more homeopathic route before they give their children antibiotics. An example of this in my own life, I am very intrigued by the essential oils. I have never used them as of yet, but I have friends that swear by them. I would love to try them, but just haven’t been able to do enough research to invest in them. I firmly believe that we need to take our family’s health seriously and should not take any “small” matter lightly. We should pray about every thing and ask God what He would have us do. There is much debate on homeopathic remedies vs. modern medicine, and on whether to vaccinate or not. The beauty of America is we each have a right to decide what our family will do.

Train your children to be the best they can be. Educate them in all aspects of life, from cooking and cleaning to riding a bike, and how to properly chop firewood. I’m not saying this is totally mom’s job, it’s a dual responsibility, but if you’re a stay-at-home mom you have a greater amount of time during the day while your husband is working to teach your children basic tasks even if it’s just taking your toddler around the house while you dust and give him/her a rag to “help.”

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