Christmas Ornament Project

christmas ornamentsYesterday, my daughter and I attempted to make Christmas ornaments from Crayola air dry clay. I found the idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. I tried one other time to make the clay myself but that ended up being a Pinterest fail so I decided to just buy the clay and cut out shapes ourselves. My daughter loved helping…granted she was having more fun just playing with the clay while I made the actual ornaments. I did discover though that the cookie cutters I used didn’t work very well because they had a back on them, and I couldn’t get the clay out of them without ruining the shape. So I ended up just molding the shapes I wanted by hand. I even was able to make 2 mitten shaped ones that I plan to paint and put the kids’ names on and maybe the year we made them or the year they were born. Next time I’m going to try the cookie cutters with the backs out so I can gently push the clay out of the cutter without messing it totally up. We haven’t painted them yet since we’re still waiting for them to dry, so I’ll let you know when we’re totally finished how they turned out. So far even though they aren’t decorated I was pretty proud of what they look like so far. I also forgot to take pictures so far, but maybe I can update with a picture or two once we’re done.

Here’s the link to the website I got off of Pinterest for this idea if you want to check it out yourself. (It looks like they decorated theirs with buttons and things, but we plan on painting ours)


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