Grocery Fail

So just thought I’d update you on my last post about my new plan to save money at the grocery store, and to be quite honest, I’ve failed so far. The first week I did ok. I researched every sale paper and did my price matching, I printed out as many coupons as I needed, and I did save a good bit. However, we were all sick at our house and I never had a chance to get to the bank/ATM so my cash only thing went out the window these past 2 weeks. The first week I saved a good bit, but still went over my set budget by about $10-20 because it seemed like I ran out of all my staples such as diapers, wipes, toilet paper, etc all at one time. The second week I just utterly destroyed my plan, I used coupons as much as possible and tried to stick to my list, but alas I was hungry. I keep saying it’s bad enough to go to the market hungry, let alone go hungry and pregnant :(.  This week I shouldn’t have to go to the market because I do have enough food to last the week and we’re eating with my parents a lot this week. Hopefully the next time I go, I can stick to my budget and maybe even get the cash out to go cash only.

I will say this week I found some good deals at a few extra stores, but I feel that when I go to more than one grocery store I end up spending more than if I would just go to one store (Wal-Mart) and price match. I hate the fact that I failed, but I know that it’s a learning process and I am not going to give up!


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