The Curious Stage

If you have a toddler or have gone through the toddler stage I’m sure you have been there. Our daughter is 2 1/2 years old, and I will say while she’s had her moments for the most part the “terrible twos” have not been that “terrible.” This week however, she has become very curious and mischievous to say the least. She has looked at me with a wild look in her eye and declared that she wanted to play with my eyebrows, demanded I smell her toes, played in the sink, insisted that she could make her own soup, etc….it’s been a very interesting week :).  My favorite  moment was when she was playing in the bathroom while I was putting some laundry away and talking on the phone. I could hear her and I kept checking on her because she was throwing all of the bathtub toys into the empty bathtub. I asked her from my bedroom if she wanted to get a bath and she replied yes. As I’m getting clothes together for afterward, I hear the water start running in the tub! I quickly yelled from across the hall that she better not get into the bathtub without me being in the bathroom and grabbed the rest of what we needed and ran to the bathroom. I find her fully dressed with her life vest for the pool on inside out over top of her clothes, the cold water running, all the toys in the tub, and a winter coat on the floor because she said, “it’s cold outside, I’ll need it after my bath.” (Side note, it’s the end of August and it was 80 or 90 out that day) I had to turn and laugh because she looked so cute standing there standing outside the tub eagerly waiting for me so she could get in.

Even though sometimes I get tired and lose my temper when her curiosity causes a mess, like when she dumped an entire cupful of water all over the bathroom floor instead of in the tub, I know that every moment is precious and one day I’ll wish she was this age again. I also remind myself that this is part of how she’s learning new things. (Please don’t think I let my toddler run the house and do whatever she pleases because that is NOT the case. I just know that a certain amount of curiosity is normal in a toddler at this age.) Life with a toddler is an adventure, and a fun one most of the time at that! Hang in there momma, know that you are not the only one going through this stage and not the first one either! I know sometimes it feels like we’re not getting through to them, but I am reminded when my toddler repeats to me something that I have told her she’s catching more of what I say and do than I think. I love my precious little girl and I pray that we raise her right, and that she will come to know Christ as her personal Savior at an early age.


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